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Sixteen Ways To Defend A Walled City thumbnail
Sixteen Ways To Defend A Walled City eAudiobook
K.J. Parker / Ray Sawyer

A siege is approaching, and the city has little time to prepare. The people have no food and no weap..

Indemnity Only thumbnail
Indemnity Only eAudiobook
Sara Paretsky / Liza Ross

Meeting an anonymous client on a sizzling summer night is asking for trouble. Especially when the cl..

The Library At The Edge Of The World thumbnail
The Library At The Edge Of The World eAudiobook
Felicity Hayes-McCoy / Marcella Riordan

As Hanna Casey drives her mobile library van between farms and villages she tries not to think of th..

My Great Ex-Scape thumbnail
My Great Ex-Scape eAudiobook
Portia MacIntosh / Karen Cass

Rosie Jones has been dumped by every boyfriend she's ever had - most recently by Dinosaur Dave, live..

Spider Shepherd: Sas thumbnail
Spider Shepherd: Sas eAudiobook
Stephen Leather / Paul Thornley

This collection of stories goes back to Dan "Spider" Shepherd's SAS days, and the missions that shap..

Emma's Place thumbnail
Emma's Place eAudiobook
Noelene Jenkinson / Kathryn Hartman

Thirty-something jeweller, Emma Hamilton, returns to her childhood home town of Tingara, a charming ..

Skinner's Festival thumbnail
Skinner's Festival eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce

Every August thousands of tourists and performers flood into Edinburgh for its famous festival. But ..

Pride Of Lancashire thumbnail
Pride Of Lancashire eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Anne Dover

Carrie Preston is used to hard work - oldest of ten, with an incompetent mother and a drunken father..

Destiny's Path thumbnail
Destiny's Path eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Nicolette McKenzie

Three Blake sisters remain in the Swan River Colony and two are quite happy to forge new lives for t..

Beyond The Sunset thumbnail
Beyond The Sunset eAudiobook
Anna Jacobs / Nicolette McKenzie

In Western Australia, the Blake sisters are together again despite what seemed like unsurmountable o..

Spook Street thumbnail
Spook Street eAudiobook
Mick Herron / Seán Barrett

Twenty years retired, David Cartwright can still spot when the stoats are on his trail. And he's not..

Auntie Poldi And The Fruits Of The Lord thumbnail
Auntie Poldi And The Fruits Of The Lord eAudiobook
Mario Giordano / David Thorpe

Auntie Poldi is annoyed: first they shut off her water, then someone offs her friend's dog. For cryi..

The Story Of Classic Crime In 100 Books thumbnail
The Story Of Classic Crime In 100 Books eAudiobook
Martin Edwards / Gordon Griffin

The main aim of detective stories is to entertain, but the best cast a light on human behaviour, and..

Ghost Ship thumbnail
Ghost Ship eAudiobook
Clive Cussler/Graham Brown / Jeff Harding

When Kurt Austin is injured attempting to rescue the passengers and crew from a sinking yacht, he wa..

A Song Of Shadows thumbnail
A Song Of Shadows eAudiobook
John Connolly / Jeff Harding

Recovering from a near-fatal shooting and tormented by memories of a world beyond this one, Parker h..