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The Little Wartime Library thumbnail
The Little Wartime Library eAudiobook
Kate Thompson / Sarah Durham

London 1944. Clara Button is no ordinary librarian. While the world remains at war in East London Cl..

The Rose Villa thumbnail
The Rose Villa eAudiobook
Leah Fleming / Anne Dover

High above the Mediterranean on the French Riviera stands a beautiful pink stucco villa. Once a play..

The Irish Princess thumbnail
The Irish Princess eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Aoife McMahon

Ireland 1160. Aoife MacMurchada is just 14 years old when her father Diarmit King of Leinster is bru..

Blackberry And Wild Rose thumbnail
Blackberry And Wild Rose eAudiobook
Sonia Velton / Heather Long Beth Eyre

When Esther Thorel the wife of a Huguenot silk-weaver rescues Sara Kemp from a brothel the two women..

Ardnish Was Home thumbnail
Ardnish Was Home eAudiobook
Angus MacDonald / Donald Sinclair

Gallipoli 1916. Lovat Scout soldier Donald Peter Gillies lies in hospital blinded by the Turks. Ther..

Beyond The Wild River thumbnail
Beyond The Wild River eAudiobook
Sarah Maine / Carolyn Bonnyman

The Scottish Borders1888. A poacher is shot dead on the Ballantyre estate and stable hand James Doug..

Becoming Belle thumbnail
Becoming Belle eAudiobook
Nuala O'Connor / Helen Longworth

In 1887 Isabel Bilton is the eldest of three daughters of a middle-class family. Escaping the countr..

Barbed Wire And Cherry Blossoms thumbnail
Barbed Wire And Cherry Blossoms eAudiobook
Anita Heiss / Kathryn Hartman

August 1944: Over a thousand Japanese soldiers attempt to break out of a prisoner of war compound ne..

Rome's Fallen Eagle thumbnail
Rome's Fallen Eagle eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

Rome AD 41. Caligula has been assassinated and the Praetorian Guard have proclaimed Claudius Emperor..

A Mother's Love thumbnail
A Mother's Love eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Liverpool 1940. There comes a moment in every child’s life when they must learn to stand on their ..

Emperor of Rome thumbnail
Emperor of Rome eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

Rome AD 68. Vespasian is tasked with the impossible: should he quell the revolt in Judaea as the emp..

The Guardian of Lies thumbnail
The Guardian of Lies eAudiobook
Kate Furnivall / Imogen Church

Eloïse Caussade idolises her brother André and when he leaves to become an Intelligence Officer in..

The Last Days Of The Romanov Dancers thumbnail
The Last Days Of The Romanov Dancers eAudiobook
Kerri Turner / David Thorpe

Valentina Yershova’s position in the Romanovs’ Imperial Russian Ballet is the only thing keeping..

Rome's Sacred Flame thumbnail
Rome's Sacred Flame eAudiobook
Robert Fabbri / Peter Kenny

Rome AD 63. Vespasian has been ordered to a far-flung empire in Africa to free two hundred Roman cit..

Daughters of India thumbnail
Daughters of India eAudiobook
Jill McGivering / Lucy Scott

Isabel born into the British Raj and Asha a young Hindu girl both consider India their home. Through..