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I Am Death thumbnail
I Am Death eAudiobook
Chris Carter / George Newburn

Seven days after being abducted, the body of a 20-year-old woman is found on a green patch of grass ..

The Death Sculptor thumbnail
The Death Sculptor eAudiobook
Chris Carter / Thomas Judd

A student nurse has the shock of her life when she discovers her terminally ill patient brutally mur..

Friends Of The Dusk thumbnail
Friends Of The Dusk eAudiobook
Phil Rickman / Emma Powell

When autumn storms blast Hereford, centuries-old human bones are found among the roots of a blown do..

The House Of Susan Lulham thumbnail
The House Of Susan Lulham eAudiobook
Phil Rickman / Emma Powell

A new husband and a new house. Just as well, because Zoe doesn't like old. Back in the 1960s, this h..

A Year At The Star And Sixpence thumbnail
A Year At The Star And Sixpence eAudiobook
Holly Hepburn / Karen Cass

When sisters Nessie and Sam inherit a pub in a beautiful country village they jump at the chance to ..

Last Orders At The Star And Sixpence thumbnail
Last Orders At The Star And Sixpence eAudiobook
Holly Hepburn / Karen Cass

The cosy village of Little Monkham is home to The Star and Sixpence, a renovated pub owned by sister..

The House By The Loch thumbnail
The House By The Loch eAudiobook
Kirsty Wark / Siobhan Redmond

Scotland, 1950s. Walter MacMillan is bewitched by clever, glamorous Jean Thompson and can't believe ..

The Titanic Secret thumbnail
The Titanic Secret eAudiobook
Clive Cussler/Jack Du Brul / Jeff Harding

In the present day, NUMA Director Dirk Pitt makes a daring rescue from inside an antiquated submersi..

Actress thumbnail
Actress eAudiobook
Anne Enright / Anne Enright

This is the story of Irish theatre legend Katherine O'?Dell, as written by her daughter Norah. It te..

The Missing Years thumbnail
The Missing Years eAudiobook
Lexie Elliott / Cathleen McCarron

Ailsa Calder has inherited half a house. The other half belongs to a man who disappeared without a t..

Whatever It Takes thumbnail
Whatever It Takes eAudiobook
Andy Mcnab / Paul Thornley

For James Mercer, the financial ruin of his family by the institutions they trusted can never be und..

Ladies Can't Climb Ladders thumbnail
Ladies Can't Climb Ladders eAudiobook
Jane Robinson / Karen Cass

The Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act of 1919 was one of the most significant pieces of legislation..

Watchers Of The Dead thumbnail
Watchers Of The Dead eAudiobook
Simon Beaufort / David Thorpe

December 1882. Attending the opening of the new Natural History Museum, reporter Alec Lonsdale and h..

Our Little Secrets thumbnail
Our Little Secrets eAudiobook
Peter Ritchie / Sean Barrett

At Police Scotland HQ, Grace Macallan has pitched up in Counter Corruption. But the demons of her pa..

Unexpected Lessons In Love thumbnail
Unexpected Lessons In Love eAudiobook
Lucy Dillon / Felicity Duncan

Jeannie and Dan met online and clicked immediately. After less than a year of long-distance dating, ..